Let's Talk New Disgusting David Dobrik Durte Dom Accusations & This Horrifying Situation in Georgia
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00:00 - David Dobrik Durte Dom Insider Expose
10:16 - Sponsor
11:36 - The Situation in Georgia
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David Dobrik Breaks Silence on Vlog Squad Allegations:
Dobrik’s Video: isdowns.info/lift/l22Tgnl8lnqto5Y/v-deo
Full Insider Story: twitter.com/kattenbarge/status/1371933628767346692?s=20
Officers & Public Respond to the Tragedy in Atlanta:
Private Debt Collectors Can Seize Stimulus Checks, But Some Lawmakers Are Trying To Change That:
Uber To Treat UK Drivers as Workers, But They’ll Still Lack Some Benefits:
Japanese Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Restrictions Unconstitutional:
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Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    I know the walkthrough for the first story might feel longwinded for some but I think it’s important to try to paint as clear a picture of what was alleged bc I know some are going to try to quickly dismiss it. Thanks love yo face bye 👊🏻

    • Alexandria Rennie
      Alexandria Rennie

      He does have a good face

    • Yokebedie Sinigirira
      Yokebedie Sinigirira


    • RealComp5

      @Pansexual Satan You are extremely close minded. I bet you're not even capable of considering the possibility that the cops are used to dealing with people who lie about they're guilt even after being convicted and having a guilty person express guilty and admit they have mental health issues is a welcome occurrence in their line of work.

    • Pansexual Satan
      Pansexual Satan

      @RealComp5 "they're not sympathetic because of his race." Give me a break. If he wasn't a white man, he probably wouldn't be alive right now to give such a pathetic excuse. This is such nonsense. There is serious systemic racism going on here and it's very prominent in the way police treat POC compared to white people. It's not just this case; there are so many cases you can look at to find evidence of this. In regards to violence against Asians, it has risen something like 150% (last I heard), even as violence against others was going down during the pandemic. This is very likely a result of the terrible rhetoric used by the former clown-in-chief and others in his party. America is dealing with more than one pandemic right now; systemic racism is one that has been around for much longer and will remain much longer, in part because of people who refuse to even see it when it's staring them right in the face.

    • Pansexual Satan
      Pansexual Satan

      @Corky Cobon As much as I agree with you, I really doubt any of them will face any real consequences for this because... money and fame. When you've got money, you can get away with pretty much anything. The last 4+ years have shown as that more than ever.

  • Big bang 1
    Big bang 1

    Poor hannah....if ur reading this...stay strong...

  • Curtis Rahman
    Curtis Rahman

    You just seem overly upset at him. Perhaps you're dramatizing it for view idk? But I mean hasn't everyone made mistakes in their pasts. Like come on, surly it isn't THAT much of an emotional burden on you Philip u can move on buddy.

  • Ania

    Of course fucking Trisha Paytas is involved smh

  • GK Lee
    GK Lee

    There's a "NEXT" heavy thing? Fuck I can't take two of these in one video. Ima come back later. Thanks for bringing attention to this stuff

  • theodore granda
    theodore granda

    Lmfao why would you drink with a dude who just tried to coerce you into being his paid girlfriend??

  • Roy Liteldo
    Roy Liteldo

    Someone give this man a news Chanel

  • Karen .c.h
    Karen .c.h

    Its still behind a paywall on the Insider website.

  • Thomas Tomas
    Thomas Tomas

    great video until the ad. weird to have a noom plug while talking about a rape accusation then go in to talking about 8 ppl dead.

  • Lisaa Smiles
    Lisaa Smiles


  • Ashton Klein
    Ashton Klein

    why the fuck did he joke about them going to jail. disgusting. absolutely horrendous.

  • Luis From Texas
    Luis From Texas


  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

    I’ve never heard of one of these people. And I’m happy about that. “He said this. She said this” k...

  • Anna Turquoise
    Anna Turquoise

    Honestly, it was seen from the very beginning that the whole Vlog Squad had “glamorous” lives but not a “glamorous” moral system... something like that was bound to happen

  • Lynch 616
    Lynch 616

    My first thoughts when seeing the video when it was first posted was “ this is the end of the vlog squad”

  • panda 22
    panda 22

    This is so screwed up😔 on another level.

  • Gees Momma
    Gees Momma


  • Gabe Bell
    Gabe Bell


  • MissMaeww

    "Making progress" ?!?! This really sums up their mentality here. These men are utterly foul. Men like this don't even see that they are doing anything wrong. Its sickening and this culture of entitlement from men needs to stop!!! Thanks you for speaking out about this. Its horrifying and reminds me of my own SA experience around a similar age. I really feel for the victims here. I hope these men will eventually realise how vile and pathetic they are. Depressing.

  • blue blue
    blue blue

    I genuinley feel like crying over this, it is so triggering (thankyou for the warning by the way Phil, I watched at my own accord because I think it is so important to hear victims stories and to hold these people accountable)

  • Thomas Rosebrough
    Thomas Rosebrough

    "Eight people are dead. They had a worse day" Fucking THANK you

  • Prince

    Stop. His aka is firty Dom. So you're surprised about...?

    • I'm very Sensitive!
      I'm very Sensitive!

      What the fuck did I just read. There's a fine line from rape and flirting and Dom certainly wasn't flirting.

  • Michelle Ayres
    Michelle Ayres

    Where are these kids parents?

  • Pilly Boy
    Pilly Boy

    Her fault if she drinks so much alcohol hahaha

  • Jane de Fretes
    Jane de Fretes

    Apologize?? they need to go to jail

  • Robby Anderson is a shrimp Jeffrey
    Robby Anderson is a shrimp Jeffrey

    Little late buddy boy

  • Meagan McCabe
    Meagan McCabe

    "He had a bad day. " We all have bad fucking days, but we don't decide to murder 8 PEOPLE! Fucking 8!!! And the fact that they seem like they're down playing it makes my blood boil. 🤬🤬

  • Unpopular Opinions
    Unpopular Opinions

    Writing was on the wall about how horrible these people are for years. Anything for money and views, eh David?

  • ciolove143

    Wait. How TF did that content make it on ISdowns to begin with?! That is MORTIFYING!!

  • ozayevable

    Dude, after every crap Logan pulled, he had to laugh at a hanging body of a dead person for everyone to say"wtf". And even from there he just got bigger and richer. Your society is so rotten that you cheer and encourage despicable people and then act like you are shocked when people come forward. Reflect on your own act. Vote with your time. Time is money, stop giving it to the likes that encourage illicit behaviours and displays them as being fun ad cool. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves instead of trying to fit in with the cool kids. Teach them why drinking isn't good, and why you are very likely to regret the night where you decided to "have fun" with half a dozen "cool kids" you've never met before. Teach them to behave responsible, and not to cheer when a cool kid sets fire to his car. I don't know how to turn my thought into words, eng is my 2 language, but I see the west from outside and the problems are so apparent and mostly societal. You have to see that a poorly raised kid will be a poorly raised adult and make poor decisions.

  • ozayevable

    They are only bad when they have been called out eh?! These a holes have been doing the most grotesque stuff for likes and your kids whom youve failed to teach right from wrong, your kids made them a sensation, and corporations love sensations. You and your immoral dumb kids made them famous.

  • Simeon Cannalte
    Simeon Cannalte

    This should be an example that money and fame doesn’t equal good person. Please. Social media stars are a joke. Let’s stop laughing at it..

    • I'm very Sensitive!
      I'm very Sensitive!

      Jefree Star already made that example honestly. I literally loved their videos but holy shit I find it pure disgusting what they did to those poor girls.

  • Michael Coppola
    Michael Coppola

    Stop Knocking David and stop sticking up for every woman who claims the type of shit she claims allegedly happens. I don't know so ther for neither so you. So without proof knock this shit off.

  • Buttered Lumps
    Buttered Lumps

    Ok so i never watched those people's content, they're obviously pigs. Why for years did people always talk about David and his group like they're so inspirational and the good face of ISdowns? They talked shit about the Paul brothers meanwhile this douche went unchecked?


    Can anybody link actual evidence rather than just accounts of what has happened from the accuser and the accused

  • latoya

    The sad part is that the dirty dom situation is so familiar to a lot of girls like just they way she described the language used the body language of the boys and the aftermath of even saying "smell my fingers" this is not an uncommon situation this is very very very commen practice to block exists with their bodies to say "okay well just a kiss then" to then try and get people drunk to make it "easier" to wear someone down its almost a bro culture situation were other men feel comfortable enough to walk in /film /smell fingers of a sexual situation they aren't consented to be apart of. Also I think it's apparent that none of this would have happened without the hype of other men david pushing the people for content the bro culture of looking pathetic infront of the boys if you can't get laid and just over all Toxic frat boy behavior

  • Squabalis

    I watched that video way before it was deleted and I had no idea I thought they were just there to hang out and dom talked them into group sex but now hearing her statement on the matter and what happened to her that's beyond horrible and I'm disgusted.

  • igna cio
    igna cio

    Just dont drink and leave the room is not that hard

  • nimish poonekar
    nimish poonekar

    Commenting for algorithm

  • Dan Mays
    Dan Mays

    I actually remember this video. It’s weird because watching it seemed like nothing was wrong.

  • Subhotosh Chakraborty
    Subhotosh Chakraborty

    I think it's sad that there are so many cases that go unreported,but this is not one of them. It was "reported" after all :3 Just not to the legal court...But to the court of public opinion. Guess who benefits the most from this ? 🤔

  • PaigeC

    Thank you Phil

  • taylor brittany
    taylor brittany

    Wow what a thorough video ! Came here first to figure out what is circulating. So disheartening - young money, and power - leading many men to think what they want they get, even if that means a woman.

  • Trobertw

    Phillip de Fraud-O

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    this is a big lawsuit. Aiding and Abetting a Crime (Penal Code section 31) In California, you can be charged with the crime that was committed if you aided or abetted in its commission, but did not actually commit the crime yourself. Penal Code section 31 describes the phrase “aiding and abetting” as meaning that you assisted another person to commit a crime. Prosecutors can charge you as an aider and abettor whenever you: Know the perpetrator’s illegal plan, Intentionally encourage and/or facilitate that plan, and Aid, promote, or instigate in the crime’s commission.

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    I knew this was coming one day. The whole idea of david's vlogs is partying and doing some weird shit. Before accusations like this didn't come up because he was at the peak of his carrier but now that he has stopped making so much content like before this kinda accusations will surface more and more. This happens to every fricking youtuber or celebrity.

  • Colleen Elizabeth
    Colleen Elizabeth

    Hannah if you’re here, I believe you and I’m so sorry you this happened to you. I’m sending you love and strength. I’ve been through this too and I know how overwhelming and fucking terrible it is. It gets easier, I promise. 💛💛💛

  • milkchunks_

    I lost any shred of respect that I had for David

  • Flying Phoenix
    Flying Phoenix

    Who else has been here since exposed daddy05

  • Andrew Felcey
    Andrew Felcey

    Creepy geeks with Money 💰

  • DarkScorpio Gaming
    DarkScorpio Gaming

    “Consent can change” sounds like something Ramsay Snow would say...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dee DoubleU
    Dee DoubleU

    Wow.... this whole thing is something else! Can’t even comment directly on it because I would be here forever ranting! Glad it’s being spoken about openly though, this is what is important and what I appreciate about channels like this. Keep the talking and conversation going and keep raising awareness and encouraging people to talk!

  • osoRowdy

    I think the craziest thing is how David edited the video. Looked threw all the footage and thought it was funny and put it in the video and then posted it. Like wtf

  • Bernie

    I hate that a statement that is often said to 'prove' that the person didn't commit rape is 'well if you knew him/her you would know that is out of character' so what that doesn't change the fact that it happened

  • prezofutube

    What a wiener Philip is, his followers also lost and detached from truth/reality.

  • Dominique Does Life
    Dominique Does Life

    Thank you, Phillip, for using your platform in the way I see you doing here. It is noticed; it is appreciated. Much love and many positive vibes to you.

  • Joey Mark Gonzales
    Joey Mark Gonzales

    Now alot of you are showint hate at dobrik but nobody spoke up before? Also when dobrik has been instrumental in making differences with other people’s life its okay, but now he is in a sliperry slope you hate him? Just finding the irony

  • Joey Mark Gonzales
    Joey Mark Gonzales

    Why are we making dobrik fully accountable to this? The girls obviously went their way to be there and be cool, Dom should be held accountable becuase he is disgusting from the get go, and viewers of dobrik i think knows that his brand is to make fun of the situation. Dobrik is not just the one who should be held accountable everyone in this should including the ladies for agreeing to come in the first place.

  • TheRealRevelation

    At 6:11 Is that the Elvis the alien guy?

  • TheRealRevelation

    Right away, saw another video and didn’t know what he did. Search what he did and automatically came here because I knew this guy would explain it better!

  • Carlos Feliciano
    Carlos Feliciano

    3 year later come on

  • Carlos Feliciano
    Carlos Feliciano

    ISdowns drama

  • Rusty Shack
    Rusty Shack

    God phillip, love the content but I CANNOT STAND the sight of that stupid fucking look you have on your face in literally every thumbnail of every video you've ever made.

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost

    I'm glad they are bringing everything into life. Its all messed up, real shady how it all went down. But they can over to have a 5 Some, maybe don't come over for that invite if you dont't want to have a 5 some. It's how it started right? But yeah super creepy, an its funny they even Said they were going to jail lmao. They aren't really friends, they were quick to drop people an stab each other in the back. If the David thing wasn't going on, Jame's Charles would be Fu#ked...Which was all he wanted in the first place lol... Nice episode.

  • iamwindomearle

    It’s a possibility he might have even put something in her drink :(

  • Boss Troll
    Boss Troll

    Its ok to be white

  • Oblong Cheese
    Oblong Cheese

    The poor cop was just quoting the guy, the killer said he had a bad day and the cop is just going over what the killer has divulged to them

  • Cutiepatootsmagoots

    The police chief was referring to the murderer’s own words as to why he murdered these women. The murderer’s own words included that he was a sex addict who blamed the sex workers and also that he had a bad day. The only reason the police chief said those things was because he was disclosing to the public the only data they had to indicate motive. Clearly the public is obsessed with proclaiming whatever motive fits their narratives so it turns out it IS very important for everything the murderer said to be disclosed to glean any clues possible as to what his rationality was INCLUDING he had a bad day. This officer was not making excuses for a murderer, he was doing his job and communicating any info they had at the time to assume motive. Other than the color of their skin there is no other data to support that it was a hate crime.

  • Dw Shandy
    Dw Shandy

    Talking about a rape victim then goes and plugs his sponsor....... nice

  • Amber Middleton
    Amber Middleton

    Dobrick is trash. And he is set up again on fbook, reposting his most pop vids, making millions of views and tons of money. He has not learned a thing. And fbook people have no clue who they are watching. Diff demo. Repeat grift. Dude is vile.

  • Terry Gunn
    Terry Gunn

    take him off permanently now yes right now

  • Samson FPV
    Samson FPV

    I love the hero friend stepping it to finish him off. She should get a medal

  • Ernesto Osuna
    Ernesto Osuna

    A friend of mine would show me David videos all the time she thought he was the best..but idk I never really liked his videos it was just something about him...crazy how we have feelings and senses...trust them they can save you at times...this poor girl was going with her feelings it’s just sad that nobody would listen

  • Christine Miller
    Christine Miller

    Anthony Recenello does a good video on consent.

  • Jennus Alonte
    Jennus Alonte

    yuck, holy fuck.

  • Xieon Gaming
    Xieon Gaming

    So many sexual weirdos on this platform

  • DJShire

    One of my favorite youtubers did a good video about the Asian spa shooting and also responded to you Phil since the way you reacted to that police officer was really dumb. You completely misunderstood what he was saying. Here it is isdowns.info/lift/sqrQm4iKqaJqf6c/v-deo

  • Julie W
    Julie W

    I know this wont be a popular comment, but why are young girls getting blackout drunk in situations where the already dont feel safe with people they dont know. Absolutely no excuse for the horrific behavior of these guys, but girls protect yourselves and dont put yourself in bad situations

  • Rhonda

    It's gross that you sponsored this VIDEO! DO BETTER

  • 3 1 / 0 3
    3 1 / 0 3

    are you taking the piss? you criticized David for profiting off this situation but you have a sponsor?

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    And where is the footage, I heard all the rambling non-sensical yara yara of this guy, and at the end there was not real information of any kind. WOW sometimes ISdowns is filled with people that like the sound of their voice, but they convey or communicate nothing.

  • mememeome

    How is this just now getting picked up? This is disgusting

  • Rrok Daragjati
    Rrok Daragjati

    This guy makes Logan Paul look like a great guy at this point . Cancel the fucker people

  • Manitoba Life
    Manitoba Life

    Wow a lot of people look up to these big ISdowns stars. They see them drinking and having group sex so they turn around and think they can do the same thing. I'm not a big ISdowns star but I can take the money that David was getting And do something better with it than he was

  • Green Envy
    Green Envy

    People used to laugh at regrettable drunk sex. Now it's rape accusations? America is going down fast.

  • Amelia Brittain
    Amelia Brittain

    You know. I have been watching a lot of serial killer/ mass murderer documentaries (as one does) and it is, terrifying how often the killers are motivated by intense misogyny (often intersecting with racism but not always), to the point they literally HATE women and want them to be killed for being whores. And it makes me wonder why that misogyny in and of itself is not reason enough to call them hate crimes, Bc they absolutely are. This case is definetly one which intersects in race, and there is little doubt the perpetrator is a racist misogynist whose hate led them to these actions, and we should see it as such.

  • kuro mashin
    kuro mashin

    Alcohol should be banned.

  • Blu Peppers
    Blu Peppers

    Let's not forget finishing a guy off just to get him off your unconscious friend isn't consensual sex either,the whole thing is disgusting

  • Sophie Nabors
    Sophie Nabors

    Great video!! I really appreciate you. I think trigger warnings especially about sexual assault would make your content even stronger. Again, great video!!

  • MyMy Kittens
    MyMy Kittens

    I LITERALLY had the worst feeling from this guy from the start! David is creepy and I have never EVER had a good feeling about him!!

  • Pixie Brat
    Pixie Brat

    man, her story was so familiar to an experience of mine.. made me feel sick. Good for her to speak out.

  • Arland Nunya
    Arland Nunya

    I called it. The vlogs were gonna definitely get cancelled. People are fucking stupid. She signed a contract. She knew. And she got drunk. Everything is her choice. What happened to my body my choice.

  • J J
    J J

    Not sure why some of those tweets were even covered, why do we ignore the absolute facts? Do you know the race attacking Asians the most? Look up the facts.

  • J J
    J J

    Careful believing everything said, is there a court case? The facts need to come out, before everyone labels anyone guilty. We watched cities burn in 2020 because someone overdosed, Wendy's burn because a criminal pointed a weapon at an officer. Don't forget Kavanaugh either. Even in the end of this video on the Atlanta killings there was mention of hate crime when it was proven it had nothing to do with race at all.

  • badgrand

    The ad feels wrong in this video I must say...

  • Carlos Baltazar
    Carlos Baltazar

    thats what she said

  • COVID_19! Kiki
    COVID_19! Kiki

    Okey lets check the facts.She got drunk by herself,she went into the room by her own choice knowing what would happen.She had sex.And if he really started to rape her,she or her friend could scream and call for help.After that they didnt call the police.I am sorry but i see no PROFF of what she said happened.Regret is not rape...

  • Tacktickle

    Men like this should be shot and pissed on. I feel the death penalty should be used on any man that rapes a woman or child. Since that isn't possible, I truly hope they get found guilty of rape and go to jail.

  • Søul.

    Ohh yeah you’re so sorry for her that you make a video about it, how can you be this hypocrite? Smh

  • Kat59

    God that was boring...